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marimekko wallpaper, would be perfect in combination with a mint or pink coloured statement wall plus white and cozy modern furniture.

Marimekko fabric Rasymatto 63280.191 | Marimekko Fabric | Shannon Furniture

Inspired by the same urban cottage garden theme as Siirtolapuutarha, graphic Räsymatto is another Maija Louekari design. It´s a stylised rag rug there on the cottage floor, waiting for the gardeners to come home. In heavyweight cotton.

Maybe in Georgia Gray's Nursery? --Marimekko fabric.

Marimekko's Pieni Unikko poppy fabric pattern divides the Unikko pattern into two sections with white in between. The popular Unikko pattern in blue has alternating dark and light blue petals with ligh

cool patterns here - could be wall covering more at:                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Marimekko Vatruska Black/White Fabric Repeat

Marimekko Vatruska White/Black Fabric Repeat Various fruits adorn the Marimekko Vatruska Black/White Fabric on this playful yet refined print. Designer Aino-Maija Metsola also included an onion as an unexpected exception. Marimekko has a knack fo.

Marimekko Yumminess by Maija Isola

Marimekko - in my first studio apartment I had all mod furniture and this pattern shades.

Design by Marimekko.

Marimekko Fabric at Textile Arts

Lumimarja cotton fabric from Marimekko

Lumimarja, designed by Erja Hirvi in is one of Marimekko's best-selling textiles. Marimekko gives contributors carte blanche on how to present their ideas to the artwork team: Some paint, some draw, some design on computers. Hirvi presented her idea

From retro furniture to 1960s-style, here's how to get the Mad Men look - MARIMEKKO GARDEN TABLECLOTH

Marimekko Garden Tablecloth

Jackie O put Finnish design brand Marimekko on the map when she wore their famous prints during JFK's presidential campaign in the Marimekko Garden Tablecloth, at Heal's

This is a beautiful pattern - Mokki houses print from the Marimekko fabric collection.

zentangle pattern inspiration Mokki houses print from the Marimekko fabric collection.