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A real matinee idol in his younger years, Marlon Brando is best known for the legendary movie, The Godfather. He's also considered one of the greatest actors of all time.

This one is throwback, but it doesn't get much better than young Marlon Brando

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Marlon Brando, in did a studio interview (shown in this GIF) and an early screen test for the movie Rebel Without a Cause. The 1955 movie starred James Dean in the role of Jim Stark that Marlon Brando screen tested for.

Marlon Brando and Paul Newman at a Civil Rights Rally, Sacramento, 1961.

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MEOW! | Marlon Brando Was A Perfect Man

Marlon Brando Was A Perfect Man

Marlon Brando. He looks scary. Very "you have always been the caretaker here, Mr. Torrance."

Marlon Brando A Midwestern farm boy, he was raised as a Christian Scientist and sent to military school, where he toed the line and got good grades. Think of this the next time "The Wild One" turns up on cable.

If you were born in 1957, that year Marlon Brando's hit movie Sayonara was released - it co-stared Red Buttons and James Garner had a small role in it too which fans didn't mind at all! The movie was a soapy drama but I loved it as a kid and it did well in the box-office - there was a delish theme song too that seems now to be largely forgotten outside of Japan.

Marlon Brando (April 1924 – July and Miiko Taka (高美以子 Taka Miiko?) (born Miiko 24 July from the movie "Sayonara"

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando Was A Perfect Man

Marlon Brando (so handsome) & kitty ! He loved cats. One of the cats in the film The Godfather was a stray hanging around the movie set .

Marlon Brando.

Marlon Brando, age 7 “There’s a line in the picture where he snarls, ‘Nobody tells me what to do.” -Marlon Brando on The Wild One

Marlon Brando is Bookish!   (bookwormed 11.20.12)

Marlon Brando is pictured sitting down reading a book outside the Hospital Chapel. “I had to read Wuthering Heights for English and I never enjoyed a book in all my life as much as that one.” ― Marlon Brando, Songs My Mother Taught Me

Marlon Brando On set of movie:"The Young Lions" (1958)

Portrait of Marlon Brando in The Young Lions directed by Edward Dmytryk, 1958

Marlon Brando, 1949

We talk to Rebecca Brando, Marlon's daughter, about a new documentary that reveals, entirely through his home recordings, the actor's deepest thoughts and feelings.