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Marmosets and Tamarin Monkeys

Since were posting cute animals that don't show themselves in aww a lot. Here is the pygmy marmoset. One of the worlds smallest primates.

Animals - Finger Male and Female Baby Marmoset Monkeys for adoption. They are 9 weeks old , well socialized , good with kids and t.

common white tuft marmoset monkey

A finger monkey is also my favorite animal. I think it would be really cool holding a finger monkey;

pygmy squirrel | Adorable Capuchin, Marmoset,Pygmy and Squirrel monkeys

I soooo want! It's a finger monkey. How adorable. I will have one, someday it's on the buckling!

Monkeys For Sale

Monkeys for sale here at exotic animals learn about monkeys as pets and their habits. Also monkeys for pets is not for everyone

Finger Monkey Facts | Pygmy Marmose For Sale: Finger Monkey is one of the smallest monkeys on the earth, finger monkey are mostly found in rain forest like

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I had a vision of a monkey tattoo on my arm that says, "are these your monkeys?" To remind me of the saying "not my circus...not my monkeys". pygmy marmoset aka pocket monkey #monkey #tiny

Pygmy Marmoset - The Smallest Monkey