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Exit Affairs are for cowards that simply cannot be alone. They've checked out of the marriage for one reason or another but before leaving they need to secure another partner. So the cheater never works on him/herself, they end up with a person that has no qualms about getting involved with someone already married (most times with kids), what could possibly go wrong? Sometimes it's not a true exit affair but the one the wronged partner found out about - so they cling to...

You were a total coward. But that's just the kind of person you are. Worst of all, you're a repeat offender.

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Discreet Sex, Married Affairs & Dating

I am not that woman who will sit on the sidelines and wait for you to figure out if you're going to leave her to be with me.

took that side bitch office slut 3 months to figure out sleep on the job doesn't get you promoted.easy hoes come & go

WOW, Totally speechless!! Some women should really do their research before they engage in adulterous affairs & destroy a family

WOW, Totally speechless, some women should really do their research before they engage in adulterous affairs. This one's for all of the attention seeking whores who throw themselves at men, all the while knowing they are taken.

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