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10 Things You Can Learn From Martin Luther King, Jr

Civil rights leader and clergyman Martin Luther King Jr. became a proponent of nonviolent resistance to promote civil rights for African Americans, inspired by a trip to India.

[Repost] In regards to the events after Freddie Gray. Doesn't matter which side you're on. Rage induces more rage. Violence induces more violence.

Darkness and Love

In honor of Martin Luther King Junior Day I thought I’d take a post to dedicate to one of my favorite MLK, Jr. quotes along with 5 facts: Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes: 50 World Changing Ideas From MLK

On this day that celebrates the great Martin Luther King, Jr. I encourage any seeing this post today to take a moment and reflect on these lessons and what meaning they have in America,

Martin Luther King, Jr.

#WiseWords from Martin Luther King, Jr.

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