Max Ernst, The elephant Celebes, 1921 Surrealism Max Ernst often re-use images, he either added or removed pictures into his artworks in order to create new realities. This painting It combines the vivid, dreamlike atmosphere of Surrealism period.

Max Ernst ‘Celebes’, 1921 © ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London 2014 On display at Tate Modern Theme: Level Poetry and Dream Room: Surrealism and Beyond (Room

Max Ernst, Une Semaine de bonté (A Week of Kindness)

My tribute to the great surrealist, Max Ernst, author of the iconic collage-book, Une Semaine de Bonte.

Leonora Carrington & Max Ernst by Lee Miller.

Leonora Carrington & Max Ernst by Lee Miller.

Max Ernst, Une Semaine de Bonté..I have this book and it is a wealth of intriguing images..mesmerizing

Illustration from Une semaine de bonté (A Week of Kindness), 1934 Max Ernst

Max Ernst ~ Nocturne, 1967 I like this image because it looks magical and has a mystery behind the image.

Max Ernst art directs her dreams, and guest hosts for others' dreams at her request// Max Ernst Nocturne, 1967

Max Ernst, And the Butterflies Began to Sing (Illustration from La Femme 100 Tetes), 1929

Max Ernst, "and the butterflies begin to sing," (Part of the collage novel "La femme 100 têtes") 1929 Collage

"Forêt et soleil"  Max Ernst...Style Dadaism

Forêt et soleil by Max Ernst (German a German painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and poet. A prolific artist, Ernst was a primary pioneer of the Dada movement and Surrealism