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Which Book Thief Character Are You?

Max is a German Jew that the Hubermanns hide in their basement. Max is compared to a bird with his hair being the feathers. Max has a fighting spirit, which he uses to survive the hypothermia and the concentration camp he was put into.

This quote from Max Vandenburg is sad and wonderful all at the same time. It's pretty sad that that was the first time Max had seen stars in a while, but also that he had to be basically confined in a basement just to survive. It's also wonderful at the same time because Max has such a way with words, that it makes one feel some type of way. The way he described the stars I can just imagine them now. Max also just loves the sky.

The Book Theif, a truly sad and disheartening part of the book. It's both sad and wonderful how Max survives through this hellish life

Max Vadenburg is a fighter that is hiding from the Nazi's because he is of the Jewish Faith.  He ends up in Munich and decides to take refuge in the basement of the Hubermann's house.  He is actually the son of one of the soldier's that fought alongside Hans Hubermann in WWI.  During his stay with the gracious Hubermann's he writes two different novels for Liesel and gives them to her as gifts.

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Max Vandenburg is the Jewish man who hides in the Hubermanns basement. His father saved Hans life in World War 1. Hans promised that he would always help the family in any way he could. Max and Liesel are very similar in many different ways. They both have nightmares about how the miss their families. Both of them see Hans as a great source of safety. Liesel and Max also both have a history of fist-fighting.

Max Vandenburg is the Jew that the Hubermanns hide. He and Liesel become close friends, bonding on both losing their families.

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Max is a Jewish man in the book thief. he was hiding in Liesel's foster parents basement. Max is one of Liesels closest friends.

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Max. This is actually impressive, whoever made this. Fan art usually looks like crap.

Max Vandenburg was Like a best friend to Liesel. He showed Liesel the book he made. Max was a great friend to Liesel. He expressed his feelings through what he wrote. He explained how he had a "standover man".

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