McMurray's test: start test w/knee in max flexion (compared w/pivot shift starts w/knee ext) Both test = IR

Improving Patient Care: A Tool for Evaluating Patients with a Knee Injury - Family Practice Management

McMurray's Test - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim - YouTube

Ebraheim’s educational animated video describes McMurray's Test. Meniscal injuries are very common. The McMurray’s test is a rotational maneuver of the k.

Tests for meniscal tear

The Thessaly test, in isolation or in combination with the McMurray test, demonstrate poor diagnostic accuracy for the detection of meniscal tears.

McMurray Test

McMurray Test

McMurray Test - Orthopedic Examination of the Knee - Physical Therapy Web

A shortclip of how to perfrom the McMurrays test for meniscal pathology in knee examination.

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Ceramic Wind Chime by melton-schreiber. These are a little crude for this assignment but you can get the idea. My goal is to have you make three refined identical forms. Using simple slab, printing, and cutting