Medieval underdress/cotehardie sleeves help, please? - CLOTHING - I'm in the process of making a cotehardie and an underdress for it, and can not for the life of me find a sleeve tutorial for the underdress that

Lindsay- I think Marion should have some kind of cape or robe draping down her back to show that she is middle class and a maiden with the more detailed outfits rather than the maids

Event:  The Village Leader calls the council together

Nice owl embroidery on coat Event: The Village Leader calls the council together

#Medieval Complete outfit 14th cent. Cotehardie and breeches with a circle cloak.

To complete the fourteenth century, Medieval - Medieval Clothing - Medieval Costume (Man) - full dress with the thick Cottardo front buttoning.

Magnifique ! Teinte de couleur terre toujours gagnante!

In the medieval times women can't show their skin in public,so they had to wear the long dress to cover up their skin.Even if its hot day they would still wear those long boring dress to protect themselves.