Megamind and Roxanne (digital version) by eleathyra on DeviantArt

I just wanted to try and draw the very first picture again, but digital. The old version can be found here: Changes, apart from the new "structure": - I. Megamind and Roxanne (digital version)

Megamind Roxanne-Partners by on @DeviantArt

Here's a little extract of "Bad Minion, Bad ! In this comic, Accidentally, Minion turns from good to super evil and leaves.

megamind roxanne | ... por la Música de Cine: Megamind (Roxanne Love Theme) - HANS ZIMMER

: Photo Tina Fey strikes a pose with her Megamind character, Roxanne Ritchi, in this new shot. The actress joins Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill and Will Ferrell in…

This is literally my favourite Megamind scene

The best hero/villain exchange ever. I love Megamind. This is literally my favourite Megamind scene