Megan Fox  || A sun drenched look for a Bright Winter.

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Cele|bitchy | Has Megan Fox really spent $60,000 on plastic surgery?

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Megan Fox

How they looked young and how they look now, old

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Megan Fox plastic surgery is not admitted by the celebrity herself as she always mentioned her body parts natural and also tried to prove it by instragram photos.

The beautiful Megan Fox, I will dare to try and get fake lashes and thicken my eye brows. Hope my boyfriend don't mind it ;)

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Make your REAL LASHES LOOK LIKE FAKE LASHES! Step 1. Line the root of your eyelashes with eyeliner 2. Curl your eyelashes 3. Use a brush to dust your eyelashes with translucent powder 4. Put on mascara! VOILA! Adding translucent powder to your eyelashes before mascara makes them look thicker and longer! (you guys this website has SO MANY great makeup tips!!)

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Megan Fox Eye Makeup Tutorial: Close Up Look At Almond Eyes | Minki Lashes

Megan Fox Eye Makeup Tutorial: Close Up Look At Almond Eyes

Megan Fox

Whether you want to know how to create a basic straight line, perfect your cat-eye, or learn creative new tricks, consider this your complete guide to all things eyeliner

Megan Fox - Love this make-up look (better start buying fake tan...)

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