Mel Gibson- One of the most #handsome actors We are in love with his eyes

Mel Gibson-Famous people suffering with Bipolar Disorder. Don't necessarily like the man, but oh, those eyes.

Mel Gibson pretending  to be Scottish

Not-so-Braveheart: Mel Gibson on why he's scared of returning to Scotland

Mel Gibson, absolutely stunning.....this man has such talent.

This list features pictures of a handsome young Mel Gibson, including high school pictures from his teenage years as well as sexy photos from his twenties. What kind of l.

Mel Gibson- Dear Mel, I love you. or making moving watching so enjoyable.Thank you. The end.

Mel Gibson, American-born, Australian actor / film director / producer and screenwriter

Mel Gibson (Forever Young)

Mel Gibson (Forever Young)This is the first time I have ever seen Mel with a beard!

William Wallace was a very courageous and strong man who unfortunately wanted revenge for himself and his people so bad that it ultimately lead to his death

BRAVEHEART------Mel Gipson-----One of the BEST movies ever made! Sometimes hard to watch, but the truth hurts sometimes. Still a great movie, albeit quite long.

You are burning me baby...and it feels so good.

Apparently he is a dual Irish & American citizen.

Mel Gibson On His Venice Festival Comeback Picture ‘Hacksaw Ridge:’ Q&A

Encore: Mel Gibson Q&A On ‘Hacksaw Ridge’

Mel Gibson On His Venice Festival Comeback Picture ‘Hacksaw Ridge:’ Q&A

Mel Gibson - ! #Australia #celebrities #MelGibson Australian celebrity Mel Gibson loves

Mel Gibson - Just for you Vanessa! Australian celebrity Mel Gibson loves www.

Mel Gibson Is 'Doing Great' as He Gears Up for Big Comeback with Hacksaw Ridge…

Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge: Director Preps for Comeback at Venice Film Festival