See how Melody's brows are raised in curiosity when she takes one last look at the sea, and how the animator kept her bangs up high so we could see her adorable expression.

"The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea" - Baby Melody and Ariel. Used to love this movie.


Screencap Gallery for The Little Mermaid Return to the Sea Bluray, Disney Sequels). Updated on October 5 2013 with brand new BluRay caps!

Melody when she's her mothers age

Melody grown up wearing the dress she was born with. Wallpaper and background photos of Melody grown up for fans of Princess Melody images.

Anime Mermaid

This is Ariel's daughter Melody!======> My new daughter, she is ten and can turn into mermaid. She was held kidnapped on Loki's Island. Her name is now Katja Marine.

I've never really liked Melody but I admire the love Ariel and Eric have for their daughter, even when she disobeys them and steals from her grandfather.

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Little Baby Melody | deviantART: More Like Melody and Merboy by RufusMisser

Ariel & Melody "You are the song I'm singing, You're my beautiful Melody!" I must say, Melody sort of made the same mistake her mom made, but did seem repentative, so eh.