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Moises Ramírez 2015 portfolio remake half and half, half realism half color surrealism

Avant-garde makeup / artistic makeup / creative makeup / men / men's makeup / evil eye / ayin hara → SAMAYA FFRENCH

I choose this image because of the eye makeup. I like that his right eye is covered with light blue makeup; while the other eye isn't.

Paul Helbers Shows Guys How to Shine in 10 Men Magazine #makeup

Glittery Man Makeup

Glittery Man Makeup - For all those guys who have dreamed about wearing glittery man makeup, your day to shine has come! Glittery man makeup has been spotted in the ha.

Vogue Hommes Japan

Top Zhao Lei Zhao Lei's been a constant presence on the scene ever since his Prada S/S 10 campaign. A regular mainstay at the shows and continuous appearances in all the super cool magazines make Zhao a must have model for the serious fashion crowd.


Sebastian Sauve + More Rock Anastasia Beverly Hills' Moonchild Glow Kits

Watch these videos.these are amazing video.

Mike Ruiz photographed Lance Bass in LA this week! Artist: Lance Bass Images: M.