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This is so true!!!!!!! Sometimes I really question why people say men are stronger than women...but it's not true ! we are stronger than them

men vs women: sports this is so true! (At least between hockey and soccer) um like no I'm a girl and peiple do this shit all of the time but that guy broke his leg and that girl scraped her face. there's a difference

Im a girl but everything that Men do is me...

Man Vs Women... so true!

I freaking hate these men vs women thing. It's so damn sexist and offensive!

The most sad thing... Feminism = Gender/Sex EQUALITY, not "women are better than men." I'm a man and I see this. Pull yourselves together; WOMEN CAN BE MEN TOO, AND WOMEN A R E  MANKIND TOO.

" that's horribly true" if you think it's so true person who commented this, I'm sorry to break it to you but your a feminist, end of story, stop being afraid of the title and start speaking up about equality.

20 Differences Between Men And Women 32 - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficial

18 Pictures That Show The Depressing Accuracy Of Expectations vs. Realities

Funny pictures about What to wear? Oh, and cool pics about What to wear? Also, What to wear?

Punctuation is powerful! LEARN IT, LOVE IT, MOST IMPORTANTLY, USE IT! =)   (Let's hope, if you've taken the time to learn it, you will use it CORRECTLY! )

Punctuation is powerful

Funny pictures about Punctuation is powerful. Oh, and cool pics about Punctuation is powerful. Also, Punctuation is powerful photos.

Funny meme - If women ruled the world - http://jokideo.com/funny-meme-women-ruled-world/

Women and War. Hahahaaaa hilarious If women ruled the world. There wouldn't be any wars just a bunch of countries not speaking jokes of humor lol memes