How To Start A Mental Health Blog

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How I Grew a Blog to 70,000+ Page Views Per Month with Pinterest

How I Grew a Mental Health Blog to 70,000+ Page Views Per Month: A very long guide to what I actually did to grow my mental health blog to more than 70,000 monthly page views by using blogging and Pinterest.

Check out our intrusive thoughts infographic and many more interesting blog posts about mental health at for information related to anxiety and mental health #Intrusivethoughts #MentalIllnessTest

Stop Worrying About What Others Think + Increase Your Self Esteem

Increase your self-esteem and stop worrying about what others think of you ... from Living Simply, a personal growth and mental health blog providing strategies to strengthen resilience, self-worth, and positivity for more balanced mental health and a happier, more fulfilling life.

31 Self-Care Activities

This is my go-to self-care activities list! Whether you are short on time, need ideas for a weekend Self-care retreat, or are just looking for ideas to work into your daily routine - there will be something for you! health & well being

32 Self-Care Ideas to Use and Take Care of Yourself in College!

Another reading Fantastic list of 32 self-care ideas and activities to practice. Find something to calm yourself when you are feelings stressed or overwhelmed in college. Reduce stress or anxiety with these self-care activities!

Mental Mama

Simple and essential self-care tips for your best mom life Motherhood is a grueling, and often thankless, job. It's up to you, Mama, to take care of yourself just as well as you take care of your family. Tips and resources and a free printable await you

I had no idea that my random muscle aches, migraines, tension headaches, stomach aches and regular headaches were because of my depression till now.

Would you know if you were self-sabotaging your mental health recovery? Look at 3 examples of self-sabotage in mental health recovery and 4 ways to beat it.

9 Ways To Deal With Life When You're Depressed AF

Since staying in bed forever and ever isn't really an option because rent. and life. here are nine ways to deal when you are depressed AF depression, mental illnesses, mental health awareness,