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RESERVED Ivory and rainbow haired mermaid by forestcreature

This listing is for a one of a kind and ready to ship Forest Creature Doll. This white and rainbow color haired mermaid doll is approximately 20

You guys!! I have been wanting to make a plush doll for so many months and I finally got it together these past few weeks. It was SO fun. My friends' kiddo had a mermaid doll when we were at coffee recently, and I had an OVERWHELMING urge to make some for my niece, Penelope. You know that feeling? Anyway! Here's my mermaid doll pattern. I hope you guys get...

Elsie from A Beautiful Mess shares a free pattern to make these adorable mermaid softie dolls. They have sweet faces and long yarn hair, and sparkling sequined fins as mermaids do. Their seashell…

Crochet Amigurumi Mermaid Doll Pattern

6 Crochet Amigurumi Mermaid Doll Patterns

Try a different project with any of the Crochet Amigurumi Mermaid Doll Patterns? The Mermaid Dolls are very beautiful and great gifts for little girls.

Mermaid Doll Tutorial, Sewing Pattern

Mermaid Doll Tutorial, Sewing Pattern

Sweet mermaid doll pattern by @Carina . . . . Gardner

Sweet plush mermaid doll pattern by // different hairstyles and facial Expressions too! Sewing pattern and mermaid embroidery pattern project. DIY mermaid doll tutorial // gift for E !

Can't even handle the cuteness of those mermaid dolls!

Create a luxurious and unique decoration for the kids' room with these mermaid themed projects.

DIY: egg carton mermaid dolls

Egg Carton Mermaid Dolls

Mermaid doll Mermaid art OOAK Mermaid Siren by LaineyWhitworthArt

Mermaid doll, Mermaid art, OOAK Mermaid, Siren, Ocean Art

A gorgeous OOAK art doll, a mermaid with a glorious glass bead crown, vintage buttons and all hand painted details.

Art: Boho Gypsy Mermaid Art Doll by Artist Lisa Monica Nelson

Art: Boho Gypsy Mermaid Art Doll by Artist Lisa Monica Nelson. I wish she had purple hair!