Mermaid Skeleton Art Print by Edge Of Sleep

Whales coming out t=of the tail, coral for the ribs, and the face stays the same skull but more warped to be alien!

SkeletonMermaidCods - this wicked sketch is plastered on the front of my pink hoodie!  Love it - Pina - best original clothing shop on Vancouver Island.

Skeleton Mermaid with Cod Fish 2012 "A pretty skeleton mermaid hanging with her cod bros." by Pina Styles

Mermaid Skeleton by kaleidoscopickle on DeviantArt

graphite, watercolor for the background altered in ps 2015 Mermaid Skeleton

Mermaids are real You thought the only mermaid in Copenhagen was the Little Mermaid down by the harbour? The Danish National Museum is here to prove you wrong. In fact, it has on display theA mermaid skeleton in the Danish National Museum skeleton of the Haraldskaer mermaid, discovered by a farmer while ploughing his field. (Click on the photo to see it larger.) The description says she was likely a member of the Asian branch of the mermaid family, which makes her a rare find in Europe —…

Haraldskaer mermaid, Danish National Museum, Copenhagen (found by farmer, claimed to be Asian mermaid, v sharp teeth)

Mermaid skeleton... this would be so cool  to set by a pool, pond or lake. It'd be easy to make a fake rock if needed.

This Mermaid Skeleton was an April Fools prank on the waterfront in Copenhagen. The skeleton was replacing the famous tribute to "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Andersen.