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This mermaid constellation is beautiful and would make a lovely cover photo for my Mermaid Andromeda page.

Mermaid. Exactly what you think they are: People with fish tails from the waist down who prefer to live underwater.

TheOpalDreamCave: Mermaid’s Cave by ElenaDudina on Deviant Art. Please retain artist’s credit—many thanks!

Reproduction daquarelle sirène peinture par TheColorfulCatStudio

Watercolor mermaid painting print titled the mermaid beach decor mermaid tail mermaid print mermaid wall art emerald green ocean original

Will you be a tangerine mermaid or an indigo one? Find out in this quiz!

What Color Mermaid Are You?

{Mermom} Mermaid by Victor Nizovtsev Love nearly all the mermaid art but this particular artist has so much imagination, color treatments.