Pair of Large Silverbelly Mexican Sombreros a) Heavy beaver Mexican hat with a 7 1/4" brim, 9" crown and tight braided 6 strand band. Fine condition, circa 1900.  b) A classic "Torro" sombrero with marked sweat band, 6 1/2" brim, 7 3/4" crown and 2 tone cotton band, fine condition, circa 1915.

A pair of comfortable white antique Mexican hats

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Flat chapeau mexicain et le menu de la nourriture mexicaine moustache

Colorful Mexican Hats (Pureta Maya at Cozumel, Mexico) by tsukikageyuu on flickr

Colorful Mexican Hats (Pureta Maya at Cozumel, Mexico) i need one for Cancún!

Mexican Hat plant. C'est rigolo, cette sorte de dentelle tout autour de chaque pétale.

Kalanchoe "Mexican Hat" - This unique plant reproduces by making "babies" that appear around the edges of each leaf, which can be gently pulled off and replanted. They will also fall off on their own and will continue to grow.

Mexican Sombrero

Shop for bright straw felt Mexican sombreros, silver-trimmed felt Mexican mariachi hats, and other headwear for your fiesta party.

mexican hat

If you don’t think this low carb Mexican “Cornbread” tastes as close to real cornbread as you can get-then I will eat my Mexican sombrero. It’s spicy, filling, healthy, & will fill your kitchen with the aromas reminiscent of a Mexican restaurant.