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Las piñatas, picos y colores de tradición

Pinata. If I don't get one of these for my birthday, there will be hell to pay!!! Ps How great are these colors?! How fun would this be at a wedding reception?! Mderr

Mexican Traditions - Grant MacKenzie Sr I'm making these next year for Christmas This is the traditional one. It has 9 cones representing the 9 months that Mary carried Jesus.

No Mexican fiesta would be complete without a colourful donkey piñata! Perfect for a Cinco de Mayo or Day of the Dead party theme.

Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas

Browse our Mexican fiesta party ideas for decorating ideas, Mexican party games, party food ideas and more.

DIY your own traditional donkey pinata for any summer party and, obviously, Cinco de Mayo! So easy to make once you check out this tutorial! Get the kids involved for a fun afternoon craft: http://www.ehow.com/how_5022697_make-donkey-pinata.html?utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=inline&utm_campaign=fanpage

How to Make a Donkey Pinata

DIY your own traditional donkey pinata for any summer party and, obviously, Cinco de Mayo!

Not sure if this is too over the top... but if you could incorporate a pinata then that would be memorable and fun!  You could do a pretty white and gold one.  I know you want the party to be beautiful and upscale so not sure if this would fit.  But, it's an idea!  If there will be kids there then maybe it could be just for them. Or just for you and Drew to do?  Cute photo op I am sure. :)

Donkey Piñata // Handmade Living

Donkey Piñata // Handmade Living - make it in red, white, and blue!

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Get you hands on these paper craft classics for Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos. Step-by-step instructions, tips for mexican paper craft decorations.

Taco pinata one of my student did one almost like this one, just more color on the vegetables and cheese drippings!!

DIY Taco Piñata

Taco Pinatas Are The Best Reason To Throw A Party - Parties are seriously lacking in pinatas. They make candy rain from the sky, guys, what could possibly be greater? Pinatas are essentially the physical manifestation of the party

Mini Pinatas for Kids (could be a fun way to hand out awards?)

How to Make Mini Pinatas

These mini pinatas are such a fun creation for kids! No long sticks are needed to bust these open, no ropes are used to hang them up high- moms and dads will love them too! Materials Needed: Paper …