Michael Jackson performing Original Song nominee "Ben" from the film "Ben" at the 45th Annual Academy Awards® in 1973. Introduced by Charlton Heston.

Michael Jackson performing at the Oscars® Michael Jackson performing Original Song nominee "Ben" from the film "Ben" at the Annual Academy Awards® in Introduced by Charlton Heston.

Michael Jackson's Greatest Achievements: Grammy Living Legend Award February 24, 1993

Michael Jackson's Greatest Achievements

1993 - Michael Jackson received the Living Legend Award at the Annual Grammy Awards. The award was presented by Janet Jackson.

Michael Jackson Rare Thriller Era | Gorgeous Thriller era - The Thriller Era Photo (32115447) - Fanpop ...

Michael Jackson--THEE king of pop . No one will EVER replace him and all those haters who don't like Michael Jackson can go somewhere bc most of yall speaking from bs you heard and not the facts .

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Michael Jackson Singer-songwriter Born: August Gary, IN Died: June Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, CA

michael jackson and james brown

Michael Jackson and James Brown. Love the zebra sparkle boom pants. Zebra sparkle boom pants are what I'm gonna call them.

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The Evolution Of The Oscar Couple

The time Michael Jackson acted like it was Beyoncé who was making him nervous and not the screaming audience.

The Time Michael Jackson Acted Like It Was Beyonce Who Was Making Him Nervous & Not The Screaming Audience. ” this is like the cutest thing ever.

June 25th.. It is that time of the year again.. sigh.. RIP Michael. They cant hurt you where you are now..

Thid picture 😍😍😍 I can't even out his beauty into words 😩 his eyes and smile are so. I guess people say. Pure and filled with joyfullness and love and care, basically what you find in a child 😊 I LOVE YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART