Don't eat anything your great-great grandmother wouldn't recognize as food." Michael Pollan

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Food Rules - Michael Pollan

Food Rules - Michael Pollan

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Clean Eating!

Michael Pollan's Food Rules - 10 Rules for Grocery Shopping.

The Omnivore's Dilemma - If you really want to understand organics. You must read this book. I bought it on Amazon for $4.00 but it's value, to use a cliche, is priceless. Must, must, must read.

The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals - Michael Pollan

The Art of Resilience: Guess who beat Michael Pollan to making “food rules”? | UM FLAT

The Art of Resilience: Guess who beat Michael Pollan to making “food rules”?

almost 100 years later we have totally lost our way . 1917 US Food Administration had it right! How your food is made matters

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Michael Pollan interesting author, writer, and film and TV documentary, he is…

~ Michael Pollan

go vegan or vegetarian

Sourdough alla Michal Pollan's Cooked

If kids are more in touch with the natural world, they will feel less inclined to destroy it as adults. While I do believe kids need to play outside in nature, they can also learn about entire ecos…

How Cooking Can Change Your Life {Michael Pollan}  "Eat anything you want.  Just cook it yourself!"

How Cooking Can Change Your Life {Michael Pollan

How Cooking Can Change Your Life {Michael Pollan} "Eat anything you want.

Wow - never thought of it but this is true... when was the last time you saw a broccoli commercial??

Fat loss quote of the day: "The key to eating healthy? Avoid any food that has a TV commercial" - So true!

"In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto" by Michael Pollan (a favorite non-fiction book)

My Healthy Family Goals and Plan: Our Five Rules for Nutrition

In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto: Michael Pollan. Probably one of the best and most sensible books you will ever read on nutrition.

"If it came from a plant eat it.  If it was made in a plant, don't." ~ Michael Pollan #organic #quote

19 Healthy 30 Minute Dinner Recipes

It is almost that stupid simple. But it is not that easy to do. Healthy eating is a significant faced by most people who even live in a world of We have too many and too much Need help filtering out.

“He showed the words “chocolate cake” to a group of Americans and recorded their word associations. “Guilt” was the top response. If that strikes you as unexceptional, consider the response of French eaters to the same prompt: 'celebration.'” ― Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food

Author Michael Pollan on Organic foods, Chipotle and fermentation

If it came from a plant - Michael Pollan quote.

If it came from a plant - Michael Pollan quote. This includes chocolate!

You can help promote healthier eating in your community by screening In Defense of Food in your home or for a community group. You can choose between showing the full two-hour version of the film that aired on PBS … Continue

PBS resources for Pollan documentary/book.

Sometimes the most simple pairings are the most satisfying. Michael Pollan encourages readers in his most recent work, Cooked, to cook together and focus on eating dishes with simple ingredients. For...

Steak with Pesto, Shishito Pepper & Grilled Red Onion