Headstrong. Tough. Ultra-Cool. She stands on her own ground. #MichelleRodriguez is A Certified Badass! >••<

James Cameron's 'Avatar' sequels will stick to 48 frames per second

Michelle Rodriguez, my favourite tough girl from Avatar and Fast & Furious Born: July 1978

Michelle Rodriguez, Actress: Avatar. Known for tough-chick roles, Michelle Rodriguez is proof that there is a cross between beauty and brawn. She was born in Bexar County, Texas on July 12, 1978, to Carmen Milady Pared Espinal, from the Dominican Republic, and Rafael Rodriguez, who served in the U.S. Army and was originally from Puerto Rico. Michelle always knew she was destined to become a star, she just didn't know how to get ...

Michelle Rodriguez Born: Mayte Michelle Rodriguez July 1978 in San Antonio, Texas, USA Alternate Names: Michelle Rodríguez Nickname: MRod Height: m)

matt met her on the ship after avatar and said she had super greasy hair and looked like a skeleton and smelled like cigerettes.

Michelle Rodriguez is Eve (Evalia "Eve" Jiminez Barreras); my inspiration for "Eve of Destruction.

Michelle Rodríguez American actress (Avatar)

Michelle Rodríguez - American actress ( Fast and the Furious ) photographed at Beachwood Studio in Hollywood on may 2013 © ManfredBaumann

Michelle Rodriguez, apparently she's my celeb look alike

Pictures of Michelle Rodriguez, Picture Mayte Michelle Rodriguez (/rɑːˈdriːɡɛz/; born July better known as Michelle Rodriguez, is an American actress, screenwriter and DJ.

Interesting facts: She plays in Avatar and other hit movies....and you COULD NOT pay me to fight her.

It's a big news day for Michelle Rodriguez. The tough lady has signed on to return for two sequels: Robert Rodriguez's 'Machete Kills' and Justin Lin's 'Fast Six.' Rihanna better watch out because Michelle Rodriguez doesn't mess around.