How to cook an artichoke in a microwave! 7 minutes!

We tried this microwave artichoke recipe tonight! We had a blast eating it together and it was SO easy to cook. I put the artichoke in a glass cookware I have and microwaved for 7 minutes on high!

delia creates: Microwavable Artichokes

Microwaving Artichokes - trim the bottom and peel the stem before cooking. I also add a slice of lemon to the water for cooking.

How to Microwave Artichokes (Quick-Cooked Artichokes)

Simple Tips for Microwaving Artichokes

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27. 10-Minute Microwave Steamed Artichoke #healthy #quick #recipes

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1 artichoke hot water vegan mayonnaise (I like Vegenaise) with lemon juice or favorite dip


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