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Hardboil Eggs in a Microwave

How to Hardboil Eggs in a Microwave. Hard-boiling an egg in the microwave is possible, but you have to take precautions to avoid an explosion. You can microwave eggs in the shell as long as you cover them with water and add a little salt.

Breakfast Bowl For One

Breakfast for the week: Breakfast Bowl For One. Soft boiled egg, sweet potato hash browns, spinach and bacon. I will make 5 of these - minus the egg - on Sunday. Then, I'll just pop one in the microwave for a minute while I fry an egg to throw on top.

PERFECT HARD BOILED EGGS Place eggs in your Tupperware SmartSteamer & place in the Microwave. 10 min for 10 eggs – 12 min for 12 eggs! Let stand 5 minutes after steaming. No green rings. Perfection & the shells slip right off!

Hard-Boiled Eggs in the Microwave

Don't have time to hard-boil your egg on the stove? This Easter, nuke your eggs to hard-boiled perfection!

How to Hard Boil Eggs in the Oven

Breakfast Smashed Avocado Tomato Toast with Fried Poached Egg

Start your day off with this Breakfast Smashed Avocado Tomato Toast with Fried Poached Egg – it will keep your tummy full all morning long.

Microwave Egg Boiler

~NordicWare Microwave Cookware Egg Boiler~ The best way to cook hard boiled eggs! Hard boiled in 10 minutes in the microwave, and the easy to peel shell is an added bonus!

DIY Starbucks Protein Bistro Box

One of my favorite healthier on the go lunch or breakfast ideas is a Starbucks Protein Bistro Box. They recently updated it with even more protein by adding an extra hard boiled egg. My DIY version of Starbucks Protein Bistro Box is incredibly easy to mak

5 Minute Blender Hollandaise Sauce from The Food Charlatan. Why double boil when you can blend? Since I discovered this blender recipe for Hollandaise sauce I’ve never gone back to the stove top method. It tastes just as delicious but is faster and easier

Why you should never microwave boiled eggs

Sound engineers from San Francisco-based firm Charles M. Salter Associates, explored the mechanism of exploding eggs as part of expert witness testimony (stock image).