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I hope you can get this in different skin tones  Follow @LaurasSound for more pins ✨

Local Heroes Middle Finger Pin a third finger to flip ‘em the bird? Features a tattooed ‘n polished fist givin’ the finger so you can piss ‘em off all day long.

me to most other drivers on the road, and all other shoppers at the Independent Grocer

Roses are red, violets are blue, I've got five fingers, the middle one is for you. - there are days when this applies to some people (ha.

Funny Quotes ~ I'd like to thank my middle finger

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YOU are just WRONG! WRONG WRONG WRONG. Just admit it. You're just trying to manipulate your wrongness into rightness. Be humble in your wrongness. WRONG.

Flour Sack Towel - You make me with I had more middle fingers

I don't do pinky promises. I do middle fingers, so if you screw me over, you're FUCKED!

Black and White fuck you Grunge bw middle finger fck middle fingers up fuck promises

Subversive embroidery

Gahhh I want this! Middle Finger Embroidery Hoop / Feminist Embroidery / Femme Power Wall Art by FemmeThreads by FemmeThreads on Etsy

My middle finger salutes you! Because that's what you get for touching my phone!

I remember driving past the fire house with Vicky and Amy and Vicky always saying "Salute" and we all threw up the middle finger. Those were the days! lol I love the simplicity of a middle finger, it is so simple but says soooo much!