Minecraft PE City Seed:LISTRISK

This Minecraft: Pocket Edition City Seed spans across two different biomes, is made from two villages, and has two blacksmiths!

Easy Minecraft PE Stronghold Seed: burndown

This is a really easy stronghold seed for Minecraft PE. Spawn point is a few dozen blocks to a blacksmith village situated over the underground stronghold.

Minecraft PE Woodland Mansion ~700 blocks from spawn at 376 y 552 - SEED:KKFF

In this Minecraft PE Woodland Mansion Seed the mansion is less than 700 blocks from the spawn point. Head south east from spawn to the mansion!

Woodland Mansion at Spawn. Seed:wwven (Minecraft 1.11+)

Minecraft Mansion Seed for PC/Mac: Spawn on the edge of a ravine within view of a Woodland Mansion in a roofed forest. For Minecraft (Java)