Minecraft – How to build a modern house 11 | Minecraft Stream

A new tutorial on how to build a cool modern house in Minecraft. This building features a rooftop swimming pool, a waterfall and green spaces. - Easy to build modern house Shock Frost 2017 - Minecraft

Modern Houses

Modern Houses

A collection of wooden Minecraft houses with a modern architectural style rendered out using chunky. Created by: Martijnie Texture pack: Soartex Fanver

Fish Tank.......... AWESOME! I do this fish tank all the time! Good small thing to take up unused space.

This is obviously not a real fishtank, but I like the simplicity about it. pressed against the wall [which in my case would be invisible]

How to Make a Portal to the MOON in Minecraft (No Mods) - YouTube

To incorporate both the content standards and the Digital Literacy standards students will build a portal to the moon and explore its characteristics.

There you go...

Eragh's fancy House-Guide

In this guide, I show the main steps to build my simplest house, but these guidelines can be used at every other form of house that uses this specific building style.