Make a book with a single piece of paper. Used to make lots of these in KS1 (",)

I made these to go along with us reading "Library Mouse." The girls loved creating their own little books! Single sheet of paper = mini book Poof Book!

For quite some time I have been playing with the idea of posting a small tutorial, art tidbit or video EVERY Wednesday for a whole year.  We...

Whimsical Wednesdays accordion book by Joann Sharpe ( This but with the names of the books on each page/ Maybe with water colors too)

Elämää koossa 1:12

Book covers for the Harry Potter series. The easiest thing is to buy ready-made miniature books and glue on these covers, but I'm sure there are tutorials on how to make books.

Geninne's Art Blog: In the shop!

Easy DIY Mini Accordion Book Photo Tutorial « In the Studio with Ruth Bleakley

My story of this gorgeous mini album begins with discovering  this video  on Youtube. The album this woman (who I only know as Angelwings14...

The Art, The Process, and a Story: Tutorial - Envelope Punch Board File Folder Album

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8-pg Zine from a single sheet of paper