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lagrima-de-crocodilo: “ mini shetland pony mare ” It’s a fluffy horse.

I need a mini horse at my wedding if I ever get married, this is officially a must have! LOOK AT IT!!

:) Horse Wedding Shoot shoot anthropologie wedding idea cute pony with a flower crown in the country farm wedding rustic theme

~~Little Lotus | four-week old Miniature Shetland Boberg's Lotus  | by MistanPhotography~~

Cute little fluffy miniature horse running through the lush green grass. Little Lotus

Two Shetland Ponies in Cardigan Sweaters (Scotland )

Ponies wearing cardigans…

Funny pictures about Ponies wearing cardigans. Oh, and cool pics about Ponies wearing cardigans. Also, Ponies wearing cardigans.

Chunky little Shetland pony with a big ole belly. Mini ponies. Miniature animals. Fuzzy pets. My little pony.

12 Animals That Prove Humans Aren’t the Only Ones with DadBods

I think I just found my spirit animal. Chunky little Shetland pony with a big ole belly.