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(Nubian Dwarf goats for those unfamiliar) The miniature Nubian Dairy Goat is the result of a cross between a Nigerian Dwarf buck and a Nubian doe.

I don't know why but I just LOVE miniature goats! These two MUST be Billy Ray & Bobby Sue :o)

The 34 Cutest Baby Pygmy Goats On The Internet!

miniature pigmy goats. I so want one of these :)

Raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats: Perfect for a Small Farm

I want one so bad, owning a baby pygmy goat is a life long dream of mine!

5 Tips for Goat Fencing for Your Miniature Goats                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Information for goat fencing is often intended for larger breed goats. See our tips focused specifically on installing fencing for your miniature goats.

The 34 Cutest Baby Pygmy Goats On The Internet!

The 34 Cutest Baby Pygmy Goats On The Internet!

i want one. But I need a farm- if ever I have a farm it will be a miniature critter farm- pygmy goats, dwarf bunnies, miniature donkeys miniature horses. ALL creatures miniature small!

Kids galore!  And yeah, goats can be jerks. But that's what makes them so lovable...(said as a non-goat owner).

The Terrible Truth About Adorable Baby Goats

Nigerian Dwarf goats are a great choice for any size homestead, but especially for folks who want to raise dairy animals, but are short on space.

Looking for the best goat breeds for your homesteading needs? Here's different breeds of goats and why they'll benefit you and your backyard farm.

Oh my goodness... just one more reason to want goats!

Goats are so cute and fun little animals! I've owned goats all my life, and they are certainly fun animals who can have hilarious moments.

Pygmy Goat Housing | Pygmy goats part 2: housing and other facilities

likes the ideas in the UK website on pygmy goats - esp. re Ideal goat housing. I like the design of the gate!