Have you ever had a friend go away?

so darn much. I just want to hug you one more time. - bench and plant OTP - RIP Blurryface shirt - omg its Ron - 48 necklaces

Beautiful memorial quote. Words to remember when you're missing someone special.

You touched so many people honey & taught us so many lessons in 2 yrs that most of us can't do in a lifetime xo

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I miss you both. You were my best friends. I could trust the both of you with any secret I had, I still can. I know you're watching me, even from heaven. I hope I'm making you proud. I hope I'm becoming that grown up woman that you want me to be. I wish the both of you were still here, but He took you for good reasons, you were both living a life of pain and He wanted to end your suffering. I hope you're dancing on those clouds now. R.I.P Nana Doris and Grandpa Ralph

I`m with you honey all the time .Baby take your time as much as you need.And think about Rainbow baby.And hold my hand whenever you like to.I`m always by your side,close to you,next to you.I love you