When I'm at my best, I am my father's daughter. And when I'm at my worst he doesn't want to know. No longer He's dead to me

In Medias Res II

proud daughter of a dad who listens to everything around him now, even when they don't think he is paying attention. you did the right thing dad, she needs to know you see her as she is.

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Some days the memories still knock the wind out of me .the memories will always knock the wind out of me. The first night I met you will forever be hands down the most exciting and erotic experience of my life.

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Quotes for Death - Dad your life was a blessing your memory a treasure. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.

I still stop, look around me and think ... Did that just happen? I don't think I will ever recover from losing you. That void will be forever deep. I miss our chats, your advice, your wisdom and security.

Your never ready for it leave and I am sorry that you left if I could have a second chance I would be more careful with you! Love you Ashlie!

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I even miss you when you give me a hard time. I miss you calling my teeth nubs, because you're right. I miss everything we once had. I miss worship together. I miss bible study together. I miss your family. I miss us.

Haven't stopped thinking about you since the first day I met you... & God how I miss you </3

Haven't stopped thinking about you since the first day I met you. & God how I miss you </ Just thinking about you and hoping your having a good day. I love and miss you.

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There is always something missing, it's you. A part of me is missing without you 😢💔😔😣 Oh and Dr said I'm fine, growing pains (which boobs did get bigger) and possible "breast cyst". They haven't hurt in a while but make another appt if so.