Okay guys, so I was in my room listening to Suicide Silence with a candle burning in the corner. And as one of my favorite songs came on I simply whispered "Come back Mitch. Please. Please come back." and then the candle blew out. But the catch is, I didn't have a window open and there wasn't a breeze..<3<3

RIP ss suicide silence mitch lucker rest in peace lucker stomp credit to whoever owns this picture it's a great picture

Mitch Lucker

I want EVERYONE right now, no matter who you are, if you love music, to look up to the sky and say thank you to Mitch Lucker. Because even though this man's life was cut short, others weren't because of him.

Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence.

mitch from suicide silence, gunna miss you rest in peace.


If you don't know oh he is go and watch all of Suicide Silence's older music. RIP Mitch Lucker, a voice as good as the man himself << I dont even listen to this band but I know who he is

And here in Jersey, on November 1st, 2013, a year after Mitch Lucker's death, it was raining cats and dogs.

And here in Jersey, on November two years after Mitch Lucker's death, it was raining cats and dogs. RIP Mitch you'll never be forgotten

:c Mitch Lucker 1 year today...I miss ya bro

RIP Mitch Luker a man who lived like every second was last. And spoke out for thousands so they wouldnt have to be silent. Rest in peace man a hero and inspirer.

Mitch and Kenadee

RIP Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence, Kenadee Lucker benefit - Adam Elmakias

Mitch Lucker <3

Mitch Lucker-- suicide silence missing him every minute every second of my life

~Mitch Lucker. [Suicide Silence]

52 fotos do falecido vocal do Suicide Silence, Mitch Lucker

At 28 years old on November 1 at PM Mitch Lucker crashed his motorcycle while intoxicated. At he was pronounced dead. That was the day a hero died.