7x18 House / AHL architects associates

7x18 House / AHL architects associates

Over the years, Hanoi has been spontaneously developing and tube house has become a popular style in this city: the houses stand beside each other, deep in n.

Popsicle stick house

Scale Model House

In this instructable I will show you how to build a scale model house. the way you cut the craft sticks determines how the house will look, I used wire cutters.

Marco Casagrande - Ultra Ruin

Ultra Ruin

Be inspired by architectural models, discover new materials and learn how to build them with the best archive of scale models in the Web.

a simple enough guide to constructing buildings.

fChristmas Village House Tutorial Warhammer Building Walkthrough by dlshadowwolf

how to make realistic model buildings

how to make realistic model buildings~~~What I've been reading on this site so far is just raves about a couple of model builders but no info on HOW to do it!