sculpted pine and creased steel and mirror wall

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W&E: minimalist, simple - like the pebbles, bonsai and black fence boards (perhaps use a variant of this against house?

Japanese gardens - off deck on north side leading to nature playground. What I was talking about where kids can rake patterns in fine gravel.

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Japanese Inspired Gardens - white gravel, raised slab walkway, grey brick edging, manicured shrubs

Japanese Inspired Gardens

Also, VERY intersting arrangement of the 3 rocks in the center. More equivalently spaced than normal, and unless youre supposed to look at it from the bottom L, also an unusual structure - 3 rocks with 1 tall narrow

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Credit: DK - Garden Design 2009 Dorling Kindersley Limited Gravel and Stones In this contemporary courtyard, carefully chosen rocks and stones form a sculptural route across gravel and moss. The vertical lines of the trees offer a balancing contrast.

Japanese Inspired Gardens


modern japanese-style garden: mound of moss and round rocks

Mixture of moss and stepping stones on North side of the house; what species grow best at the beach?

Modern Japanese garden from above Garden Design North London

** like the structure, modern look, lawn and separate small entertaining area *** Modern Japanese garden from above Garden Design North London

Wish I had something like this to go out an pray. What a beautiful view of Gods creation.

Outdoor living spaces marked by Asian style and culture seem to build tranquility right in. Here are 10 examples of Asian gardens and footbridges & others.


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^Japanese garden

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Modern life can be quite stressful. Many people are utilizing meditation techniques to reduce stress and find inner peace. There are ways of transforming your ordinary backyard space into an outdoor.