Modern sprinkler timers save time, conserve water, and create healthier lawns...really! Watch this video from Rainbird to see how easy it is to replace your old timer with just a screwdriver. We sell Rainbird timers and sprinkler systems. | Supreme Sprinklers | Via: HomeClick

Upgrading your sprinkler timer is a lot easier than it sounds. Learn about different models of Rain Bird water-saving sprinkler timers, and how to install an.

편안하고 친근한 생활한복, 신한복 디자인 브랜드 리슬한복 @kyulcs for more Korean hanbok.

편안하고 친근한 생활한복, 신한복 디자인 브랜드 리슬한복 @kyulcs for more Korean hanbok.

Modern Sprinklers by Shop Chimney

Kit per irrigazione a goccia di 20 vasi + Timer Aquauno Logica Balcony® 90766 - CLABER

bespoke planters | via Outdoorsy ~ Cityhaüs Design

Contemporary Cubico planters in black gloss! Potted with the classic boxwood ball. For no maintenance and no watering why not opt for artificial. I already have the small boxwood.

Outside shower. Expensive...

Ultimate modern sprinkler for water play: Stand on it and it shoots up sprinkles of rain like an upside-down shower.

Gorgeous 60 Cool Small Master Bathroom Renovation Ideas

60 Cool Small Master Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Home Ideas: At Home in the Modern World

At Home in the Modern World

A Modern Coastal Home In Stinson Beach Dwell On Sandy Cul De Sac California Architects Matthew. western home decor. rustic home decor. shabby chic home decor. vintage home decor.

Taking it Outside - Homes - Dwell  A backyard with a lot of slope and a modern style.  More formalism than I like, nothing wild, too much sprinkler system etc, but the way they structured the yard is worth noting, along with how good concrete retaining walls can look.

Laura Cooper, the landscape designer for a Californian mid-century home, planted lush plants such as philodendron, purple heart, and flowering canna near her renovated mid-century house in Los Angeles. Vegetable and herb

Madelyn's Comments: I like Olafur Eliasson's Beauty. because it creates layers of light that resemble sound. Although it may not be the artist's intention, this work uses light to resemble sound.

The Colour Spectrum

Beauty From the exhibition Take your time: Olafur Eliasson, installation view at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Gently falling mist from the overhead sprinklers produce iridescent effects as the light is diffracted on the tiny droplets of w