Fox Mom and Baby Black and white drawing of a fox mom and her baby. Chic, minimalist home decor. Great for a woodland themed nursery. - Print of original

Fox Print Fox Nursery Art Black & White Nursery Decor Woodland Love Illustration Fox Mom Baby Minimalist Simple Modern Home Wall Decor MiKa

@doopeng  님의 사연입니다.  어릴 적 어디든 함께 가던 너와 나.  혹시라도 엄마가 너를 목욕시키는 날에는  높다란 빨랫줄에 두 귀 걸려 매달려있는 너를 발견하고 괜시리 눈물이 나오기도 했지. 앙앙 울면서도 축 처진 너를 꼭 끌어 안아 따뜻하게 해 주고 싶었어. 오늘 밤에도 기분 좋게 잠들겠구나. 조금 꼬질꼬질하지만 여전히 따뜻하고 다정스런 너와 함께.  We used to go everywhere together. When my mom washed you, I tried to look for everywhere to find you and in the end I found you hanging up. Even I cried a bit but I couldn't stop to warm you as hugging you tight. Tonight I will fall asleep well with you, my sweet old teddy bear.    특별한...

너와 함께(With you) by 꼬닐리오 on

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Such a cool and easy DIY idea for a chocolate lover. This would make a great candy centerpiece, too!

A plain awesome idea

Such a cute wedding or birthday gift idea! A champagne or wine bottle covered in Ferrero Rocher candies, decorated to look like a pineapple!

So true. I even call my friend my little girl and she calls me her mom. Lol

So true. I even call my friend my little girl and she calls me her mom. Lol

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