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Pandas are like.i'm white, black and asian.

yes, some days are like this.. :(

We all have those days. That's enough todaying for today. I'm done.

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Of course it"s Monday. This ain't my Friday face.

The best part about these quotes is that the minion image beside them usually has nothing to do with what they are about at all. Description from theodysseyonline.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

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on the cat one where he brought one in, look at the girls faces behind him. pure joy

the shower tho. me all the wayyy

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Jameson will come in yelling "Mommy you need to reset the internet its not working!

I couldn't guess the answer for #22 and I didn't understand #38.:

These would be cute to students as a riddle of the week. Get them thinking differently/deeply about words and all multiple meanings

saw this and made me laugh bc Laura you were the first person I thought would appreciate this!

We don't celebrate christmas as we are not christian and we are not materialistic. So right about this time every year I get fed up with people, traffic and christmas music.

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A Minion Quote! I'm not one to brag… but I made it out of bed!

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from Houston (01:21:24 AM, Tuesday 26, July 2016 ) - 53 pics