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Monstera delisiosa Philodendron (Is it just me, or does that mean "delicious monster". Love the shape of the leaves for visual texture, though!

Raised Copper Pot Plant Stand DIY // Tutorial

Raised Copper Pot Plant Stand DIY // Tutorial

advice on how to care for your monstera

How to Care For Your Monstera Plant

the Monstera deliciosa (via The Sill) -- Bright to medium, indirect sunlight. Avoid bright, direct sunlight (which can burn your plant’s leaves) – filtered, ‘shady’ sunlight is preferable!

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Decorating with Nature

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Det var egentligt meningen, at jeg skulle skrive en artikel, men som altid bliver jeg naturligvis grebet af endnu en overspringshandling. Jeg blev simpelthen så inspireret af nogle spændende produkter, som endte med at jeg pludseligt sad og legede i Photoshop. Jeg tror ikke, at nogen kan være i ....

épinglé par ❃❀CM❁✿Botanic living: Here are my favorite products to achive that. I love the plant trend.

Henri Matisse’s studio, Hotel Regina, Nice, 1948

nybg: “ yourclosingeyes: “ Henri Matisse’s studio, Hotel Regina, Nice, 1948 ” Wow! Check out this amazing display of Monstera deliciosa in the studio of Henri Matisse!

cool bohemian vintage home decor and interior design

enjoycolorfullife:sugarinteriora:pic by Valentina... (lalasparkles)

Enjoycolorfullife:sugarinteriora:pic by Valentina. Think about the drapes around the couch and the ikea lamp in small rooms