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Disney Pixar's prequel to 'Monsters, Inc.', 'Monsters University,' is released in theaters June 21 worldwide. Here are 9 alternative movie posters of the film.

A simple, yet effective poster. For those familiar with the film, this would make sense as they are knowledgeable to the film, though it also could intrigue those who aren't familiar. I especially love the digital versions of the characters as a reflection of those that appear in the film.

Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Monsters, Inc. Simple shapes and colours link the poster to the film and are easily recognisable to anyone who has seen the film.

Posters/Movie Posters: Disney Pixar's Monsters Inc. Minimalist Poster

Minimalist Pixar's Disney poster - Monsters, Inc The idiot trying to pass someone else's work off as his also included a Pixar poster which I like very much. But it set off my warning bells.

Monsters, Inc (2001) ~ Movie Quote Poster by Risa Rodil #amusementphile

risarodil: “ Pixar Quote Posters Monsters Inc. I was heavily inspired by the designs on threadless’ Monsters Inc.

I love this poster by Tom Whalen! I just hope I can manage to purchase one during Mondo's usual 5 minute rush tomorrow at noon.

New Pixar-Inspired Poster: Monsters, Inc.

monsters inc party supplies | new but familiar look of Sully and Mike that perfectly matches a 1st ...

Monsters Inc. 1st Birthday Party Supplies

30 Day Disney Challenge, Day 18 - Favorite Pixar Movie: Monsters Inc. (tied with 6 others!!)

Monsters, Inc. is a story about two monsters who meet a little girl they call "Boo." This movie in packed with non-stop excitement as the two monsters attempt to return the little girl to her world.