Digitalis Foxglove - Snow Thimble --The first truly pure white foxglove | ♥♥♥ re pinned by

Digitalis Foxglove - Snow Thimble -- the first truly pure white foxglove flower.

~Caladium, Moonlight This would be prefect in a moonlight garden! I've never seen it before!!

Caladium - Moonlight - will have to look into this, would look great at night, like ghost plants.

And a Brugmansia (Angel Trumpet) for sweet night scents, maybe below the bedroom window

9 Fragrant Flowers That Bloom in the Evening

Brugmansia This small tree sports large hanging flowers that open for a week at a time with the full moon. Though hardy only to zone Brugmansia 'Cypress Gardens' is ideal for containers and can be overwintered inside.

A Moon Garden - All White and Silver Planting - Hummingbird Gardens

A Moon Garden - All the white flowers and silvery-gray foliage reflect the light of the moon. Dressed in White White forget-me-nots, tulips, daisies and money plant combine with hostas and silvery astelia foliage in this spring garden.

Moon garden - white wisteria Stunningly beautiful in the moon light - Feed your plants with GrowBest from

White Wisteria Moon Garden/Witches Garden - white Wisteria is stunningly beautiful in the moonlight

night blooming garden :nocturnal visibility, settle on a palette of pale petals and foliage that really stands out at night. Try cleome, fragrant nicotiana (flowering tobacco), ‘White Wave’ petunias, angels’ trumpets, and sweet alyssum, night blooming jasmine, and moon flowers.

A Guide to Gardens That Look Best After Dark

Moon garden: a type of garden design meant to be enjoyed in the moonlight. Moon gardens contain white flowers and silvery foliage that seem to sparkle and reflect light. A place to relax, see and smell the sweet fragrance of night-blooming flowers.

10 plants that grow well under trees. Try planting one of these in your garden. Includes shrubs, annuals and perennials

10 Plants That Grow Well Under Trees

10 plants that grow well under trees. Try planting one of these in your garden. Includes shrubs, annuals and perennials

White garden with small round water feature, lovely!

White clematis and roses encircling brick pavers and dark waters of the pond, laden with lily pads.

What a gorgeous garden reflecting ball!!

stacy bass garden I absolutely love this scene. It is like a giant crystal ball surrounded by a peaceful, beautiful garden space. I need some giant crystal balls for my future garden. I'd just make sure to place them somewhere shady/mostly shady, so th

Night Garden Plants, enjoy your garden after the sun goes down!

Let your garden glow at night by planting white flowers like Hibiscus White Chiffon and Hydrangea Aborescens. Sow & Dipity shares 12 perfect garden plants for night.