Choosing The Best Pink Flowers for Your Lovely Garden

"In the garden of heart, love is the most beautiful flower"~Mary Burgess

Bi-colour Pink and Yellow Double Rose on Colourful Background by Garden Picture Library on Getty Images

The Lark Ascending - David Austin Roses. A delightful rose that illustrates the great diversity that is now to be found among English Roses. The flowers are cupped in shape with about twenty petals in each bloom.

Orange is a color of happiness and life. This color looks great everywhere and can bring cheer and brightness in your garden. This color is bound to make you smile all year round because it is highly popular with spring and fall blossoms.

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Fake - Tiffany Blue Flower - These are not real. They are Gumpaste Flowers. A quote: "Take your cake decorating to the next level by adding gumpaste flowers to your offerings.

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Some folks think succulent plants are boring; check out the Echeveria flowers - Lovely !

Here are pictures of some rare flowers, enjoy! Blue Bell Tunicate Flower Power Luscious Lotus Purple Foxglove Orchid in the Blue passion flo.

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