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P: I thought you said you had a nice house. Ell: I do, but there's too many people there and they might disturb us. Elliot winks at the prostitute while he shuts the door to the motel room and removes his coat.

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character found the Polaroids as another clue and went to the location (staying there now)

Motel Room in Preston, Idaho by tmkeesey, via Flickr

(Nikole): I sit in my motel room, eating some take out. I am here to do some work for a hunter, but the case shoul be over soon. There's a knock at the door and I look in the direction of the noise.

It could have been any color, but it was iridescent red: the color of passion, anger, and danger.

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Will Steacy (1980 – , American) ‘Motel Room’ 2007 from ”We are all in this Together”, 2007

Will Steacy – , American) ‘Motel Room’ 2007 from ”We are all in this…

Motel neon at night, photo by Jeff Brouws

Highway Landscape Series at total favs! Vinita, Oklahoma 1991 Jeff Brouws photography Tucumcari, New Mexico 1993