DIY mummy costume. I hope I can talk my kid into this one!

DIY Strawberry Costume

Want to know how to make a DIY mummy costume? If you need some inspiration or ideas for mummy costumes, then this list is just the thing you need.

Awesome DIY mummy costume!!

This Mummy DIY Is the Cool, Last-Minute Costume You've Been Waiting For

Halloween costume ideas for family - Mummy Halloween costumes! Perfect for mom, dad, and little kids, too.

These mummy costumes are a great choice for kids and adults who want to have a classic scary costume for Halloween. Be a fun part of any Egyptian pharaoh Halloween group.

great mummy costume!

¿Truco o trato? ¡Te mostramos los disfraces más originales para niños!

OP: "This is my baby on halloween! I think we did a great job making this." (Cheesecloth dyed in cofee, then ripped into strips and wrapped.

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