Muscadine recipe

Wild Muscadine Cobbler

Wild Muscadine Cobbler

wild muscadine cobbler {with info about using pulp and skins and straining just the seeds out}

Muscadine Pie - just the right amount of tartness, similar to cherry pie, served warm with vanilla ice cream, how could you not need to try this out? Although working with the thick-skinned grapes does require a little extra effort than some other fruits, this blog explains the process step by step and claims it will definitely be worth the extra time. (Thanks for the recipe Virginia Lawson!)

Muscadine Pie - just the right amount of tartness, similar to cherry pie, served warm with vanilla ice cream.

Muscadine Grape Juice Recipe -

Muscadine Grape Juice

Muscadine cake, Muscadine Hull Pie and Broiled Chicken Breast recipes. The chicken breasts you use muscadine puree.

Enjoying Muscadines

DIY experts offer a few tips for eating, seeding and cooking with muscadines.

muscadine sorbet

Named the Best Ice Cream/Sorbet in Cooking Light history, this crisp, cool dessert has been a standby for our staffers since its first ta.

Muscadine Cobbler a la Mode

I have a friend who shared a delicious Muscadine Cobbler recipe with me – just as we neared the end of Muscadine season. She’d found the recipe on-line (off of her i-phone) and didn&

Muscadine & Honey Syrup

My friend and I were discussing the overabundance of muscadines in her backyard last week when she noted that muscadines are a.

Muscadine Grape Jam

Celebrating Oysters & Pearls one year anniversary with a simple Southern muscadine jam recipe and a fun printable jar label.

Muscadine Grape Hull Pie

Muscadine Grape Hull Pie

The crisp, cool days of Fall are always sweeter served with a generous slice of homemade muscadine grape hull pie topped with creamy vanilla ice cream!

Slow-Cooker Muscadine Grape Jam (sugar-free, vegan)

Slow-Cooker Muscadine Grape Jam (sugar-free, vegan) - Treats With a Twist

Muscadine Grape Summer Sonker Recipe on Food52 recipe on Food52

Muscadine Grape Summer Sonker

Our Own History: Family Recipe Friday: Muscadine Pie #genealogy

Muscadines (or Scuppernog) are grapes that are native to the southeastern United States; they begin showing up in the supermarket in Aug.

muscadine sorbet

Refreshing Homemade Sorbets Light, sweet, and easy to make, find 15 recipes for homemade sorbets.

Muscadine hot pepper jelly

Homemade hot pepper jelly- Really delicious with cream cheese and saltine crackers!