We've all experienced muscle soreness before, and we know just how painful it can be and how long it can last if we do absolutely nothing about it. That's where the foam roller comes in. Foam rolling is a very unique practice that can be difficult to learn if you're a beginner that's never tried it before. You have to make sure your body is positioned correctly and your technique is perfect if you want to get the most relief from using the roller to massage your muscles. Here is an…

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The Ultimate Foam Roller Exercise Guide: 25 Amazing Foam Roller Exercises For An Incredible Full-Body Massage

7 Foam Roller Exercises to Reduce Muscle Soreness

7 Best Foam Roller Exercises for Sore and Aching muscles

Foam rolling your tight muscles is the closest thing to getting deep tissue massage. It loosens the tight muscles and prepares your body for a workout or loosens muscle tension post-workout.

Elite Muscle Roller Stick 16 inch

Elite Muscle Roller Stick 16 inch

The Muscle Massage Roller Stick for Athletes – Fast Muscle Relief from Sore and Tight Leg Muscles and Cramping – Purple

Using a foam roller as part of a regular exercise plan can help improve circulation, release knots in muscles, and can help muscles repair and heal faster.

11 Benefits of Foam Rolling

Foam rolling offers the same benefits of an intense sports massage without the huge price tag. The foam roller not only helps to stretch muscles and tendons, but its digs deep down into those hard to reach areas and helps to break down soft tissue and sca

Foam rollers let you to do your own deep-tissue massage, also known as “self-administered myofascial release” (SMR). The process lets you use your own body weight, precisely controlled, to help stimulate and relax your muscles.  We'll help you pick the perfect foam roller for your needs. Click for our expert advice.

Choosing a Foam Roller: Types & Sizes

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THIS IS HOW WE ROLL! We use the foam roller every night! It& our favorite massage tool for our sore muscles when we can& get a deep tissue massage. If you& never used a foam roller, you& in for a treat! Get ready to melt away stress, relax your.

I have been wanting to get a foam roller for a while now fot after my fitness routines. Roll out the kinks and avoid injury with this total-body massage sequence.


The Ultimate Foam Rolling Routine - Roll out the kinks and avoid injury with this total-body massage sequence.

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How to Foam Roll Like a Pro

To the untrained eye, foam rolling can look extremely awkward (just watch someone foam roll their glutes or hip flexors). For someone who knows what they’re doing, though, they’re massaging tired and tight muscles and treating their hard-working muscles r

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