Folder with sleeve - folder held with screws so content can be easily customised

quantus interscrew folders and menu folders made from designease for restaurants, pubs and cocktail bars

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion illustrations; fashion design development; fashion portfolio // Valeria Pulici

Portfolio ss16 overview

baixinha-su: “ areyoutryingtodeduceme: “ OH MY GOD PAY, BLESS YOUR FACE. I actually get asked to see a lot of portfolio’s while I’m at cons. And while I LOVE looking at other people’s art and offering critiques if they ask, it’s sort of cringe-y to...

a very, very basic image guide on how your portfolio should be presented or appear, whether you’re in fine arts, graphic.

I've drawn inspiration from these designs by Shanti Sparrow, an artist on Behance. I love the bright and bold colours that she's incorporated in the designs, and I love the graphics and how they've been laid out accordingly. In my own magazine, I want to employ a colour scheme of bright, vibrant colours and this has given me some inspiration on how I can.

When I am not illustrating I am a commercial graphic designer. I have been working in Australia since 2009 and am currently freelance with an amazing boutique studio called Bug Communica…,Fine and Decorative Art Fund Management for China. You may like my video.,Fine and Decorative Art Fund Management for China. You may like my video.

i am using this sort of technique for my last page with the disneyland castle because i am going and will be using fantasy colours eg pinks and purples and then place bright red umbrellas and then make white silhouttes of people

Fine Art Architectural Painting, Artist Study Resources for Art Students, CAPI…

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Nittaya's portfolio for ceci

The visual communications graphic design portfolio of myself, Peter Ovens-Brown. This portfolio demonstrates briefs completed over the past three years of my Bachelor of Design at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.