A wish there can be like an special route when you can love the both of them and well... date one of them but have a great relationship with both of them <3

Mystic Messenger Wedding~ MC x Seven (Saeyoung) x Unknown (Saeran)<< i swear im dead XDD Look at Saeran and then at Seven XD

Just a simple scenario and one shots story ~   Saeyoung X Reader    Saeran X Reader   Jumin X Reader   Zen X Reader    Yoosung X...

Mystic Messenger X Reader - Me Or Her (Part 4)

I just finished Zen's route and Echo Girl pisses me off so god damn much!


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Mystic Messenger ||

Mc and seven Btw wich anime is this messege me plz if u know ot need to watch it thnx if u do

Hmm, Seven I think that there's a tiny problem... Oh, that's right, your comment has 666 likes!

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Rich ppl be like

P sure this is in reference to the Yugioh Abridged series, which just makes me adore Jumin